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COVID Across Canada: Short Takes

April 24, 2021Teenaz Javat, Mississauga ON

December 15, 2020,  Sanaa Al-khannaq Calgary AB

November 23, 2020,  Venera Loshaj-Balaj, Surrey BC

November 19, 2020,  Himanshi Upadhyay, Vancouver BC

November 17, 2020Judith Djomo, Calgary AB

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About Us

For the past twelve years, The Shoe Project has been changing the way Canadians see immigrant and refugee women, through story and performance. Every journey begins with a pair of shoes.
Our alumnae of 250 women from 62 countries credit The Shoe Project with changing their lives, giving them the skills, confidence and support to succeed in a new country. Many take on leadership roles in the organization. Led by professional Canadian writers and theatre artists, our workshops and performances lift the voices of women immigrants and refugees into Canada’s national conversation.

Our Mission

  • To advance education by providing programs, courses, workshops, and seminars to immigrant and refugee women to develop their written and oral skills, as well as their leadership skills.
  • To educate the public on the problems faced by immigrant and refugee women in Canada by providing presentations on such topics.

Our Impact Since 2011




Arrival Stories

Performances in cities across Canada to bring women's stories to life and educate the greater public.

Countries of origin from Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe: including Syria, Taiwan, Nepal, Iran, Iraq, South Sudan, Turkey and more.

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The Shoe Project was launched in Toronto in 2011. Since then, we have added chapters to Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Edmonton, Canmore, Windsor, Brampton, and Winnipeg, and are now a registered charity. We are committed to providing a truly national platform for the voices of immigrant and refugee women.