Standing Room Only V

Standing Room Only V, on Friday November 11, 2016 in Toronto, was a fascinating, literally 'standing room only' event. Below are some photos from the evening. Read the commments sent to the Shoe Project by members of the audience.


The Arts and Letters Club, welcoming to the Shoe Project

The Arts and Letters Club welcomes the Shoe Project


Alumni at the Door
Alumni at the Door: Filiz, Sheida and ESL coach Momoye Sugiman


Theatre Filling up
Theatre filling up Credit: Wei Tao Bethune

spaceSimten checks the guest list

Simten checks the guest list
Credit: Wei Tao Bethune




shoe photographer Pete Paterson centre right
Shoe photographer Pete Paterson centre right


spaceKatherine Govier – Ready to go!
Katherine Govier – Ready to go!


Standing Room Only V November 11, 2016 - The Group

Participants L-R: Mariana Rocha, Yuli Hu, Samia Hussain, Khujesta Sadri, Winnie Muchuba, Saima Hossain, Cordelia Tang,
Serap Tezgel, Banuta Rubess, Katherine Govier
Photo credit to follow 


The Shoe Project participants receive a standing ovation

The Shoe Project participants receive a standing ovation for the fantastic night of stories!


Standing Room Only V participants November 11, 2016

The Participants at Standing Room Only V
Photo credit: Saima Hussain


The Shoe Project thanks The Sonor Foundation, Heather Gardiner of Toronto, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust.