Shanga Karim

Shanga Karim was a journalist and women’s activist in Kurdistan, editor-in-chief for a women’s rights newspaper that focused on violence against women, honour killing, and female genital mutilation. She holds a B.A. in Media Studies.

She came to Canada in 2015. It was difficult with all the changes in Canada after leaving her life in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. But she found a light to rebuild her life again. She participated in The Shoe Project writing workshop and wrote her story as a journalist woman, which she has performed at three different universities and events. She also writes stories with other organizations, and one of her stories has been selected as a best to be published by The Vancouver Writers Fest.

Shanga is studying English at UFV to continue her education. She has a passion for improving her writing skills and has educational aspirations and enthusiasm for learning new things now that she is in Canada.