Sarah Weatherwax

We invited The Shoe Project mentors and coaches to respond to the following question: Why have you taken on this work?  This is Sarah Weatherwax’s answer.


I wrote something at the beginning of the rehearsal process about the 10th Anniversary show, for this show: ‘Listen with an open heart. Learn with an open mind. Let compassion guide your steps.’ And last night, sitting on my front porch, I said to my spouse, ‘These women carry the world’s pain in their hearts, the world’s horror stories in their memories.’

By writing their stories, they can release some of their pain. By speaking their stories, they can change the world.


Sarah Weatherwax, originally from the U.S., now works as an actor and voice teacher in Toronto, Ontario. As a private voice/audition and on-set acting coach, she works with both singers and actors. She has taught group classes at Humber College, at various studios—and online with actors around the world. In addition, Sarah has done voice work on numerous shows and has been involved with Workman Arts, a unique company devoted to fine arts training for people struggling with addiction and/or mental illness.


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