Freweini Berhane

What does it mean for you to be part of the Shoe Project?  We asked The Shoe Project alumnae to write to us about their experience in The Project. Read the reflections of Freweini Berhane.


“I had the honour to be one of the first and youngest participants in the project.”


The Shoe Project has had a deep and significant meaning and impact in my life. I had the honour to be one of the first and youngest participants in the project when it launched in 2011.

The project allowed me to meet strong, independent and courageous immigrant women who faced many obstacles in their journeys. The hardship of life that each of them faced made them extraordinary people. Despite what they had been through, they were kind, compassionate and optimistic. They had great hope and were working hard for a better future in Canada.

Since I was the youngest and most recent newcomer, I had so much to learn from the experiences of each one of them. Their stories, their strength and their commitment to overcome obstacles and create a better and sustainable life in Canada inspired me so much. They became my role models. Consequently, I had the opportunity to improve my writing and stage performance skills.


Freweini Berhane is from Eritrea. She fled the country at 16. In 2010, she arrived in Canada to reunite with her father. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Human Biology and Health Studies. She also completed a post-graduate certification program in Regulatory Affairs from Algonquin College. Freweini worked as a clinical research coordinator for a few years at a family medical centre and pursued further education in the medical field and public health.


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