Denise Fujiwara

Denise is an innovative choreographer, dancer, teacher, actor and impresario. She has garnered multiple honours, including the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Muriel Sherrin Award for international dance achievement.

As a dance artist, Denise has over 40 years of intensive experience. Her mentors include Japanese butoh master Natsu Nakajima and John Tarrant Roshi of the Pacific Zen Institute. She founded the Toronto Independent Dance Enterprise (T.I.D.E.). In addition, Denise works in film and television. In 1997 she co-founded the Can-Asian International Dance Festival. She is also the artistic director of Fujiwara Dance Inventions, a repertory dance company in Toronto.

Denise has created a contemplative butoh practice that artfully encourages participants to experience embodied movement by cultivating curiosity, imagination, awareness and presence. She has led workshops and masterclasses across Canada and abroad. In 2021, she provided coaching to our participants from the whole-body perspective.
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Photo credit: Denise Grant