Why I am a Monthly Donor – Danielle McLaughlin

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June 22, 2022

Why I am a Monthly Donor – Danielle McLaughlin 


 I have been involved with The Shoe Project since its earliest days.


Since the meeting sessions in the basement of the Bata Shoe Museum to the fabulous performances by the Project participants across Canada, I have been a proud supporter and enthusiast. Now, as a member of the Shoe Project Board of Directors, I have the opportunity to work with this charitable organization as it rises to greater and greater heights. Because of my connections with the amazing staff and participants, and because I can see what it takes to accomplish so much, I feel I have a commitment to ensure that the Shoe Project is made available to as many newcomer women as possible.


What is the best way for me to do this? Monthly donations!


Here is why I have chosen to donate a small amount to The Shoe Project each month:

1. Giving $20 or less a month, does not create a hardship for me – or for most of us. Think about how much you might be spending on coffee. Can you afford to donate three coffees a month? I found that I could.


2. My memory. I discovered that when I try to give annual donations to the charities I support, I forget when my last donation was made. Was it last year? Eighteen months ago? Two months ago? Monthly donations are so easy to track. I know when and how much I have contributed all year round.


3. Tax receipts. It is difficult to round up all those receipts at tax time. Where did I file them? A monthly donation means that at the end of each year, I get a single tax receipt for my whole year of donations to The Shoe Project. If I want to add a bit more, that too will be calculated in my annual tax receipt.


4. If my financial situation changes, I can easily increase, decrease, or stop my monthly donations.


And The Shoe Project? They can count on my contribution, and then plan for the future. No guessing about when or how much will arrive. The more of us who choose monthly contributions, the better it is for every charity we support. Let’s help lighten the administration costs and make our own lives easier by becoming the kind of donor who helps in the best possible way.


Please join me in becoming a Shoe Project monthly donor today!