Sinthia Zaman, Calgary AB

COVID Across Canada: Short Takes

April 28, 2020

Critical Reasoning


When I attended university in Bangladesh, I loved studying. But now that I am in Calgary attending an online course, the mother of a toddler, and living in a global pandemic, it is hard to concentrate.

Along with cooking and babysitting. I call my family every day in Bangladesh to make sure they are staying healthy. I keep close contact with my pharmacy colleagues there who are frontline workers. I also worry about my husband who works full time in a convenience store, which is an essential service.

I graduated with a pharmacy degree 10 years ago; I am trying to get my license to practice as a pharmacist in Alberta.

I studied in a military boarding school in my childhood and saw ways that the military could help people. I wanted to become an army officer. However, I ended up becoming a pharmacist. (That’s another story.) I realized that I could at least have some involvement in saving lives through proper medication.
I want to work on the frontlines now. However, until I get my license, all I can do is wash my hands and maintain physical distance.

I have decided to worry only about what is in my immediate control: I need to get my license. And then I wonder: how many questions should I expect in my exam regarding Covid-19?