Seran Celik, Calgary AB

COVID Across Canada: Short Takes

July 2, 2020

Every day is Friday


Seran Celik


I was working at Rosemont School and always complaining. I did not have enough time, and I wished every day was Friday. My daughters are in grades 2 and 5.

Now every day is Friday.  I have a lot of time. My kids started online classes; I was surprised they had Gmail accounts.  But I realized we have to develop our digital skills. I ordered a Chrome book and began taking courses. I studied how to teach students with learning disabilities. I thought of doing something for essential workers. I am a sewing instructor. I ordered medical face mask materials, and I planned to sew them and then donate them, but the materials only arrived at the end of May.


“This pandemic taught me a few things. First,  do not say I will do it later.”


My husband works at Canada Post. It was busier than Christmas.  He is still working on Sundays, and he is so tired from carrying heavy parcels from online shopping.

May 20 was my birthday. My husband bought me a red bicycle. I am excited that after 12 years, I will ride a bike again. And June 1 was my youngest daughter’s birthday. Calgary firefighters came in front of our house and sang a happy birthday song.  We had a fantastic time.

No matter how long this lasts, we will follow social distance. If your love is behind the mountain, you have a chance to see them again, but if they are under the ground, it’s more sadness. I am not complaining about living so far from my parents in Turkey, as long as they are healthy.

This pandemic taught me a few things.

First, do not say I will do it later.

Second, do not complain if you don’t have what you want; just enjoy what you have.

Lastly, we have to take serious action for climate change; we all need fresh air and a safe environment.


Seran Celik was born in Aksaray, Turkey, and grew up in the city of Manisa.  She moved to Calgary in 2009 and works for the Calgary Board of Education as a lunch Supervisor and classroom assistant. Seran loves to help people. She is a twice participant in The Shoe Project. One of her stories is here


Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash