Dana Roman, Canmore, AB

COVID Across Canada: Short Takes

May 3, 2020

Freedom and the Future


Dana Roman


Right now we feel like the apocalypse is here, our freedom has been temporarily taken away from us and we are not sure if we will have to adjust our life goals and values. We are realizing what it is to have freedom, which we always took for granted. For most of us, it is pretty easy to sacrifice some of that freedom and a few luxuries of living if we know why we are doing it and if we know that our lack of freedom can help others. Our future is in each other’s hands.

Right now I am constantly reminded of the life we had in a communist country where I grew up. The main reason for losing our freedom over there was not the wellbeing of others. It was to keep the leading party in power forever. Most of us knew that reason, but there was no way we could complain.

Our loss of freedom right now is just temporary. We will be free again soon and will be able to live the way we choose. When it is over, we might even find a better way to live. Everything is possible in a free country.