• Nimra Fatima

  • India - Halifax

Art by Emily Honderich

Nimra Fatima story

Nimra Fatima is an Indian-Canadian who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband and two children. When she’s not cooking delectable Indian dishes in the kitchen or teaching her kids, she is penning down her musings and experiences of living in Canada on her blog @Chaiovercoffee. She loves the diversity that is seen in Canada and enjoys learning about different cultures.

Finding Purpose in the Midst of Chaos

Everything around looked bleak and hopeless. The world was dealing with an unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, leaving me to face a difficult question. How was I going to manage by myself confined within the walls of my apartment for an undefined period? Though I was safe and felt secure at home, thoughts of how my elderly parents and my siblings were coping while in a different continent kept creeping in.

I had no other option but to stay positive. My kids reminded me of this with their constant cheer and various ways to keep themselves busy. Even after my kids missed an entire season of swimming classes, a spelling competition, and tons of activities, they didn’t complain. With their support, I ventured and took a course that I had been eyeing for over a year. This course presented itself in an online format due to the present situation.

I was being taken care of during this time. The little ones brought me tea while I studied, and they hushed themselves when I was in a meeting. Vegetables got chopped for the curry, and hubby offered his helping hand in the kitchen and beyond. All in all, we have all learned that when the time comes, we are all there for each other.

"All in all, we have all learned that when the time comes, we are all there for each other."

- Nimra Fatima