• Anuoluwapo Amzart

  • Unknown - Halifax

Art by Emily Honderich

Anuoluwapo Amzart story

Anuoluwapo Amzart ’s passion lies in empowering immigrant women to be confident and resilient as they start their lives in Canada by providing them with support in finding meaningful careers and helping them with the adjustment process as they settle into their new home.

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought or believed that the economy could shut down so quickly due to a pandemic?

Most often, people’s lives and the economy encounter such challenges in the face of war, but here we are fighting the war of Covid-19 which has resulted in so many deaths, fear, and uncertainty. During the initial stages, I could not wrap my mind around it because of its adverse effect on everyone.

Coincidentally, I attended a 7-week program on Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health offered by CAMH Office of Health Equity, which broadened my knowledge on the impact of mental health in Canada and understanding how it affects immigrants and refugees. I aim to contribute toward creating awareness and supporting people going through this illness.

I had to homeschool my kids, and the results of this learning motivated me to do more. They can read storybooks for beginners and do more advanced Numeracy and Calculations.

An adage says there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and this is true.

Despite the pandemic, I gained a certificate in Mental Health, discovered my teaching ability, baking, and sewing skills (non-surgical mask).

It has been a unique experience, but I am most grateful for my family, life, and good health.

"An adage says there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and this is true."

- Anuoluwapo Amzart