• Anam Kidwai

  • Pakistan - Halifax

Art by Emily Honderich

Anam Kidwai story

Anam Kidwai came to Canada in 2015 as a skilled worker and later moved to Halifax with her husband. She has two beautiful daughters. Her first love is tea and good company. Currently, she is aspiring to make healthier lifestyle choices.

COVID - The New Normal

I awoke by the sweet chirping sounds outside, surprised, I got up and looked at my watch, it was 8 am. Never have I heard birds from my window.

We haven't left our apartment since March 13 and have stayed indoors for the last two months.

ISome say it is a reset button on our planet. Others think it is biowarfare.

COVID-19, as the infection later came to be known, is the first pandemic of our generation. Scientists and doctors are struggling to understand it.

COVID-19 has affected us both ways.

People took on pending projects, and others pursued their hobbies. Some even discovered new talents owing to the calmness provided by this pandemic.

I never knew my son liked gardening. I was never around to see what they do after coming back from school,”said a mother working from home.

COVID-19, like a pause button, made us all stop from our mechanical routines to catch our breath.

The savings have been significant. We just paid some of our debt,” said the happy husband to his wife.

Yet here we are, in a time where skies are empty, and airport aprons are full.

Restaurants are empty. Hospitals are full

Businesses are struggling.

Many have lost their jobs.

People living alone have suffered with severe depression, and cases of suicide attempts increased. There have also been reports of domestic violence and divorces.

But the biggest loss thus far has been the loss of loved ones. Many young and old have lost the battle of their lives fighting this disease alone, while others are left struggling with the aftermaths.

In the end, we all are trying to get used to this "new normal."

"COVID-19, like a pause button, made us all stop from our mechanical routines to catch our breath."

- Anam Kidwai