Standing Room Only lV, November 11, 2016: Comments from the Audience

"I had the pleasure of attending the Standing Room Only 5 event last Friday. I was blown away by this opportunity for learning and connecting, but mainly by the stories themselves!! Please include me in your next event:)"
— Karen Sniezek

"I was so deeply touched by the women stories, Each one of them spoke to me in different ways, these wonderful women made me laugh, cry and left me so inspired, I really feel that when someone has the courage to share her suffering or laughter we all can relate to it and generate an awareness of how we are all the same; We live, we struggle, and we become stronger and wiser, and that is what makes us a beautiful nation. With gratitude to you and all who helped out with this project."
— Farah

"Good afternoon to you all; This note will first tell you how impressed and moved I was on Friday evening. We came as the guests of Phil Zwibel and we really had no clue as to what was going to happen. And we were both SO impressed with the concept and its execution Memorable..and moving..and thank you…... What was really neat about the evening is that I was able to re-connect with Katherine Govier—and after 43 years, she recognized me!"
— Ronald Waldie

"I was quite unprepared for the emotional roller-coaster that Standing Room Only turned out to be! As each woman told her story, I felt myself enter her world and experience the uncertainty, hope, grief or guilt of abandoning one's homeland and coming to live in Canada. The stories are sometimes funny, often sad, but always spellbinding, told with dignity and courage. The simple staging allowed the most important message to shine through: Canada is enriched by these beautiful, brave women and their families. We are so lucky they chose to come to our country."
— Marny Gibson

"My husband and I were delighted to attend the Shoe Project Show last Friday evening. All performers were outstanding and all audiences were touched by their stories in that evening. ... You add hope into new immigrant's life and help their dream come true."
— Wei Tao Bethune

"I was moved to hear stories of suffering, escape and hope from woman after woman. The same kind of women I pass on the streets of Toronto everyday - without a second thought. The same kind of women I interact with in stores and offices. Their short stories that night gave the broad strokes of their spectacular journeys in creative compelling prose. And all in a language not their first. Their vulnerability and strength and camaraderie were truly inspiring. Thank you. I am now more curious with each woman i meet out and about for i know she has a unique story to tell."
— Suchitra Davies-Webb

"My friend and I enjoyed the Shoe Project readings very much. Beautiful, strong women who told their stories in such moving ways. Really glad to have been there"
— Susan Heximer