Join the Shoe Project

The first Vancouver Shoe Project session will begin in February 2018 at the Museum of Vancouver.

Who are we looking for?

Participants are women (age 18 to 80) who have immigrated to Canada as adults (so they didn’t go through Canadian school system, but some are university grads) and have learned English as a second language. 

They want to tell their story, are interested in others’ stories, and want to be able to write expressively in English.

Often, but not always, candidates had a past career having something to do with language - therapist, librarian, journalist – but  we also have had dancers, baristas, nannies, fitness instructors, cleaners etc.

Recent participants have come from South Sudan, Congo, Taiwan, China, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, and Brazil.

We would love to have participants from Mexico, Colombia, Russia or Ukraine, Palestine…

It is work and demands commitment; the programme pays an honorarium of $400 for child care and transportation.

What will we do?

Members write a  600-word personal memoir about their journey to Canada, focussing on a pair of shoes. The writing component is followed by voice coaching and public performance for those who are interested. Read more about the Shoe Project.

How to Apply

Applicants are interviewed and then chosen.


If you are interested, please contact