Shoes and Transforming Lives

Veteran to Newcomer, Page to Stage

How?  We empower women by teaching advanced English writing skills. We follow it with voice training and experience in public performance. 

What?  The Shoe Project holds writing workshops, exhibits and performances in which immigrant women tell their stories of arrival in, and adaptation to, a Canadian community through the lens of a pair of shoes.
Who?  Senior Canadian novelists and theatre artists share their skills with newcomers.
Why shoes?  Shoes cross cultures and are rich with stories.

News and Events 

The Shoe Project – Finding Home

The Shoe Project - Finding Home performance made a stop in Toronto after performances in Calgary, Canmore, and Antigonish. Check out the short video and view photos from the event.

If you're curious...

as to why we all love the The Shoe Project, check out this article in Village LIving Magazine.

New! A Calendar of Shoe Project Events

Confirmed upcoming events will be posted on this calendar. Now you can plan your visits to Shoe Project performances.

Shoe Project video from
the Calgary High Performance Rodeo

View the YouTube video from the January 2019 Calgary Shoe Project performances.

Metastory of the Shoe Project

Have you ever wondered how the Shoe Project can establish their groups one by one at different cities in Canada and make big differences to so many newcomers? 

On March 10th (Sunday), a one-day workshop hosted by TSP alumnae Teenaz and Yulil shared the Shoe Project experience with those who are interested in building up their own story circles. 

Katherine, the founder and Artistic Director of the Shoe Project, was there to introduce the power of TSP. 

The workshop is part of the 2019 Toronto Storytelling Festival and supported by the Storytellers of Canada. 

Shoe Project Antigonish

Enjoy the CBC (Atlantic Region) Vimeo on the Shoe Project participants in the Antigonish N. S. performances from February 1 and 2.

The story by Colleen Jones aired on TV and radio on February 3.

The Shoe Project returns to Canmore

The Shoe Project returned to artsPlace for two nights on Feb. 1 and 2 to share the experiences of 10 women from the Bow Valley who immigrated to Canada and the soles that brought them here.

Our Shoes, Our Streets

The Shoe Project’s first visit to North York was met with excitement and gratitude. Our stories of arrival and adaption were especially meaningful to a resilient  community still processing the pain of the tragic van attack this past spring. In partnership with PEN Canada, audiences not only enjoyed hearing stories from Colombia, Nepal, Nigeria, Syria, Turkey, South Ossetia, China, Iran, and Sri Lanka but also a post-performance discussion about the power of the personal narrative moderated by the host of CBC’s IDEAS, Paul Kennedy.

More images from Our Shoes, Our Streets

The Shoe Project returns to Toronto next spring at the George Ignatieff Theatre. Interested in being a part of our next show? If so, make sure to drop us a line. Workshops begin soon.  

Photo credits: Alia Youssef

These performances have been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

The second Shoe Project newsletter is now available.

Meet our Members

We are pleased to introduce Umut Duygu Uzunel.

Q: What does Canada mean to you in three words?
A: Safety, serenity and tolerance.  

Learn more about our featured member and read her story.