Meet Member Sujata Thapa-Bhattarai 

Why did you/your family chose to come to Canada?

I came to Canada for peace and stability. And also to pursue higher education for myself and my family. Because I come from a country ravaged by civil war, I had not had the opportunity to go to school uninterrupted. I dreamt about getting a Ph.D. in teaching at a prestigious university. And educating my child in a peaceful environment.

What do you miss the most about your home town?

In Nepal, I grew up surrounded by high moutains and glowing Himalayas – I miss the landscape surrounded by moutains. In my home town, as soon as I rose from my bed, I could see the Himalayas from my window. The early morning and setting sun enhanced the beauty of the Himalayas.

What is the food that you like best but cannot find it here in Canada?
I like Yak meat and Yak cheese the most, it has pungent smell and it's hard. We do not get it here. Whenever I make bread I miss having that cheese.

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