Meet Member Irena Rodziewicz

IrenaIn your story you told us about your first garage sale experience in Canada. Did your thoughts change over the years?

I have a much better understanding of that social phenomena! I even shop  at them and I'm truly excited when I see people doing street sales. I’ve bought  a lot of good stuff at garage sales.

What is the food that you like best but cannot find it here in Canada?

Fruit  and veggies from supermarkets like strawberries or other berries or potatoes do not have the flavour I remember and don't even have that fresh scent.  The same with bread and bakery products. They only look the same. But farmers’ markets are good!

What do you like about Canada?

I like the freedom to be yourself, to wear clothes you like. I like the tolerance  and politeness of people. And the respect Canadians have for natural environment, love for animals and plants.


Dinner or movie?
Difficult to choose but I think dinner at a kind of an exotic restaurant. Let's say an Ethiopian or Moroccan restaurant.


Irena's Story: Garage Sale


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